Would Corbynomics have prevented the financial crisis? Posted In: Random
Would Corbynomics have prevented the financial crisis of 2007/8? Jeremy Corbyn has shaken up the UK political scene by winning (with a landslide) the Labour party leadership.  He stands on the far left of the spectrum of politics and offers a distinctly different proposition from the current conservative government.  This article takes a look at […]
Post merger integration for the Finance function Posted In: CFO / FD, Project Management
Acquiring a business takes a lot of planning, often weeks, if not months or years of negotiation (both formal and informal).  A substantial period of due diligence, the period in which you get a closer look at your targets books is the first time you get behind the public numbers you based your research on.  […]
Finance as a Business Partner Posted In: CFO / FD
Finance departments – cost centre or business partner?  Gatekeeper or valued counsel? Friend or foe of Operations? All businesses have a finance function; small businesses may have it completely outsourced, as may be the case for parts of a large finance department.  But how finance interacts with the rest of the business differs from organisation […]
10 questions for forward thinking CFOs to consider Posted In: CFO / FD
10 questions CFOs have to consider. (This is a modification of a 2009 McKinsey Article: What Next? Ten Questions for CFOs) 1) How is my company prepared for a worsening Euro crises? In a recent interview in the Economia magazine the RBS Chairman when asked how worried we should be about the euro, he replied […]
Are you pushing the employees out the door? Posted In: CFO / FD
A good friend of mine is working at a very large consultancy. She is well qualified to do so, she is thought of highly (evidenced by promotion) and enjoys working for her current employer more then the previous one. That is to say, the work she undertakes at the new employer (new being approximately 18 […]
The Apprentice morphs into Dragons Den Posted In: Business Start-up and Growth, Random
Lord Sugar invested £250,000 in to his new apprentice last night. A business plan that didnt add up did not matter as it was the only real option for the money on the table. Lord Sugar gets in return an inventors portfolio of products, including a nail file product that has already sold in the US and UK large retailers.