25+ years experience. CFO/FD | Coach | Trainer
Approachable, results focused.
Output solution driven. Frankly, a business geek.

25+ years experience.  CFO/FD | Coach | Trainer
Approachable, results focused.
Output solution driven. Frankly, a business geek.

Business coaching

How would you benefit from a business coach? Would the process help you set goals that align with your core values and beliefs? Would it hold you accountable and ensure you stay motivated? Would it discover and unlock any limiting beliefs enabling you to really “go for it”? Will you see, hear and feel real achievement, based on the goals you set? I believe the answer to these questions is yes.  Utilising the tools and techniques acquired from training to trainer level (with two of the founders of NLP) in NLP allows me to take my 25 years business experience and work with you to help you achieve what it is you really want. Every day business challenges made easier: Whether you are running your own business or leading in a larger corporate you may face a great challenge, from starting-up through to sustained growth and a potential exit there are hurdles every step of the way. Managing team members, senior leadership and clients – how will having a sounding board help you? Where in your business  life would you like a second opinion?  On what issues would you like an independent view, or what challenges would you simply like additional input on? Coaching help you be a better you, it can impact on every aspect of business inlcuding
  • General Management
  • Full business plan preparation
    • For investment
    • For day-to-day business operations
  • Finance
    • Complete Finance department management
    • Cashflow
    • Profit and Loss analysis reviews
    • Balance Sheet awareness
    • Product profitability challenges
  • Marketing Plan
    • Who is your target market, how big is that market, how will you attract them?
    • Assessing the options, completing directly or engaging with relevant suppliers on social media, PR, email campaigns, direct mail, exhibitions, PPC etc.

Business coaching

For CEOs and Business Leaders I think of this as the CEO sounding board.  You know your company well, you have built it to where it is today – how much more could you achieve if you had an experienced coach working with you to set challenging goals and then helping to ensure you achieve them. Be held accountable, When is the last time someone sat down with you and asked key strategic questions about your business.  A business review is an in-depth look at your business strategy and operations.  From finance through to marketing and sales.
  • What is your vision?
  • How are you presenting your business to the market place?
  • Are you profitable? How do your prices compare to your competitors?
  • Are you meeting all your targets, indeed are you setting appropriate targets?
  • What is your gross margin, per product?
  • Have you completed a forecast cashflow for at least the next 12 months?
  • Are you aware of any cash shortfalls and how to finance them?
  • Are you currently marketing your business numerous ways?  If its less then five distinct methods of marketing you are undoubtedly missing out on increasing your sales.
  • Are you segmenting your market place to make sure you have identified your ideal target customer and how to attract them?
  • What’s stopping your business moving fully in the direction that you expect?  Having an experienced consultant work with you gives a new perspective on your business and can help drive profitability.

Finance Director Business coaching

Have had such along career around the finance function, including at FD/CFO level I understand the challenges of an FD in particular detail.  However, I must also say that coaching is a process that can actually be done “content free”.  This is a specific to the wonder of NLP.  As a double qualified (by two of the founders) NLP Trainer, I’ll work with you as a business coach on any aspects that are useful to you.  For Example: Achieving your goals Fear of Public Speaking / Giving Presentations Career Management   Do get in touch, I think you will be rapidly able to assess how business coaching can help you.