25+ years experience. CFO/FD | Coach | Trainer
Approachable, results focused.
Output solution driven. Frankly, a business geek.

25+ years experience.  CFO/FD | Coach | Trainer
Approachable, results focused.
Output solution driven. Frankly, a business geek.



Ian and I worked together for just over a year. Ian, in my opinion, is simply quite unique. He is a highly competent Finance Director but he does not just fit the ‘FD’ mould as he offers so much more! Ian is an entrepreneur at heart and this, coupled with his study of NLP, makes him an incredible asset for any organisation going through a significant period of transformational change.


Ian provided me with business coaching and found the experience to be personally and professionally rewarding. Ian’s coaching expertise and professional experience as a leader, meant that he could not only provide me with traditional coaching, but invaluable perspective and context for achieving my goals. The coaching helped me to keep my feet on the ground while aiming for higher goals. Ian helped me distinguish the reality vs perception and did a great job in holding me accountable for creating the plan that would get me closer to my goals. The program flexibility on my time/availability was also key to me. I consider Ian a great business coach and mentor and would highly recommend him!

Business Unit Director – MYFM

“Ian is a great all-rounder & leader. He can lead in a Corp world and add real value to any business and employee group. I have seen him lead large scale cross boarder, multi national programs and projects with ease. He has a very high level of personal and business integrity and can be called upon to execute at all times. Ian is a measured ‘Ideas man’ and can take an idea and make it business reality…this is a rare skill. I often ask Ian to ‘sense check’ strategy. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to add value to their business.”

— Leader at General Electric

“Ian creates effective operations by putting substantial effort into creating an environment where all human resources can give their best. Ian also has a feeling for realism in projects that is unique. In addition Ian is a delightful, funny, hard working, insightful, wise, gentle and humorous person.”

— Fellow Consultant at General Electric

“Ian lead two projects for Lloyd’s Register over 6 months. Ian is a very capable project manager and delivered excellent results on time and under budget.  He had the buy-in from the group finance team and would be welcomed back should the need arise.”

— FD at Lloyds Register

“Strong Technical and Analytical Professional. Dependable and Delivers as required.”

— European Finance Manager at ABS

“I worked with Ian at ABS and found him to be great at analyzing issues and recommending improvements to business processes. Ian’s approach was thorough, well thought-out, and he was always timely with his work product. He was very dependable when it came to tight deadlines or complicated situations. If I had the chance to work with Ian again, I would certainly welcome it”.

— Internal Audit Director at ABS

“Ian is different from other business mentors who may just listen and agree with your ideas. He is the kind of business mentor you really need if you’re involved in a start-up as he challenges your thinking, and that’s exactly what we all need! He took time in understanding my goals and vision, both from a business and personal perspective. As I discussed various plans with him, thinking that I’ve got them spot on, he’d ask questions which I hadn’t thought about, and when I did try to answer them they would often open up a whole area of unseen opportunity. He also really understood my strengths and weaknesses and was therefore able to challenge and direct me to work on areas which I had a tendency to neglect. Seriously valuable mentoring and would certainly recommend to anyone involved in or working on a start-up”

— Business Owner – Which Web Design Company